03 October 2008

Pretend like there is a card here...

because I have one to share. And I took some nice photos of it with my fancy new camera...but I'm too dim witted to get them off the camera and on to my computer. :D Actually, I'm not. It is just that my card reader is acting up and I'm gonna need to find a (the?) USB cable for the camera and hook it in directly OLD SCHOOL STYLE. LOL!

So while I wait for my husband to get home to tell me where he has stashed all the cords and things, I'm just gonna sit here and (im)patiently wait.

*looks out the window* no husband yet.

~~~3 minutes later~~~

*looks out the window* no husband yet.

Yeah...and he won't be home for TWO MORE HOURS at least! (He's a teacher.) Ahh...what an unjust world this is. Boo hoo.


Later, y'all!


kadie said...

too funny! i can totally relate cause I'm so nontechnical. :) Thanks for the smile, Jennifer --insert photo here ;)

Tracy said...

Wow. It's beautiful. Stunning. Your best ever.


Can't wait to see the real thing... hope it lives up to my fantasy! :D

Catherine said...

LOL! you are too funny! if the program is acting up, sometimes you just have to shut down and reboot your computer..that always gets me going again =)

but, i'll sure to be back later =)