21 June 2013

More playing around!

So, I'm still playing around with paper and ink and stamps and pretties!  Enjoying the mess out of it.  Speaking of mess, WHEW my craft stuff is sorely out of sorts.  Hopefully I'll find some time to sort more of it out...mainly so I can find stuff.  LOL!

Anyway, here's some cards I made!  Thanks for looking! <3

14 June 2013

So here's another I made

 This stamp is a Sweet November stamp that was done from All That Scraps/C.C. Designs Stamps.  I love her red hair!  I had different ideas on the design...but...it didn't work out.  So I'm guessing I'll live.  :)

13 June 2013

Playing in paper and couldn't be happier!

So, I've found a little time this week to make a few things.  Just getting my feet wet.  Nothing fancy or involved.  Just practicing, getting back into the groove.  ;)


All the stamps used were from CC Designs.  Designer papers were from my stash.  Who knows where they're from anymore...LOL!  And I used Memento Ink and colored with Copic markers.  Embellishments and other things are from my stash.

Thanks for stopping by!  <3

08 June 2013

*Tap Tap Tap*

Is this thing on?

Seems I've got some housecleaning to do!  Goodness it does get dusty and dirty.  Who's got a broom and feather duster I can use?  

Anywhoozits.  So...I've almost got my craft room set up the way I want.  It's only been...what...30-40 years since I made anything?  LOL!

I've got a truckton of stuff I just plain don't want anymore...and some stuff that I totally want...and some stuff that I'm not quite sure what to do with.  It is all very overwhelming!

Here's hoping I'll be hopping in another...few days?  Week?  IDK.  Summer is here and we've got Six Flags season passes...so we're really enjoying our afternoons or mornings at the park.  :)

So...MWAH!  I miss you guys!  See you soon! ;)