24 October 2009

Some Stuff....and other things....

  • Did you hear who the new guest designer is at Squigglefly for November?  MEEEEEEEE!  hehe!  I'm so excited!  They have some fabulous images over there.  I've been working on some thiiings...hehe!
  •   Tomorrow starts the previews for November's releases from All That Scraps!  (I gotta finish my cards!)
  •   You likey my new blog template?  I got it from Template Mama.  You'd think that a gal who won an international award for having the best blog design a few years ago for her personal blog would be able to make her own.  Well, I can...but dang if I can find the time so I'm using a *gasp* pre-made one.
  •  I made some blinkies for All That Scraps.  You can feel free to use them on your own blog (just right click, save, then upload to where you store your pics and put 'em on your blog.)

Anyway...I think that is about it....

OH! Over at Holly's blog I was "tagged" and I'm supposed to tell you 10 random things about me...Well, I dunno if I have 10...so I'll take a stab at it!

  1. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats, they are my fur-babies.
  2. I live in California but I'm from Kentucky even though I was born in California.  heh
  3. I really feel goofy thinking up 10 things...so let's see....
  4. I won an award (mentioned above) for best blog design for my personal blog.  I hardly even pick up my digital pen anymore.
  5. I drive 25 miles each way to buy my favorite iced tea.  I buy 3 gallons at a time and it lasts for a week.
  6. In addition to a paper addiction, I'm also addicted to nail polish.
  7. Oh and I have an apron buying problem.  I have well over 100 of them.  My mom makes the most FABULOUS aprons, y'all.  I need to get her set up to sell her things on Etsy.
  8. I still have Christmas garland hanging on my kitchen windows from last  Christmas.  I think it looks pretty up there so I just left it.  I don't think it looks THAT Christmassy.  I mean, it doesn't have lights on it or anything...just greenery garlands.
  9. I love having plants in my house but I can't because my cat, Teddy, eats everything that comes in the house.  He's chewed on at least 5 pairs of my shoes.  MY CAT.
  10. So here we are at 10...la la la...I made it!  (almost.  LOL)
Later y'all!


Jan Scholl said...

I have an easter bunny mobile up in my dinette-with the price sticker still on it! wanna guess how long it's been there? I also had mistletoe up year round until I decided I didnt even want the dog to kiss me anymore, so I took the skanky thing down and buried it.

Mary Dawn said...

cutie cute cute, i will be taking aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the blinkies

you should make an ATS guest designer one too

Mary Dawn said...

they are showing as .jpg for me, so weird

will you email the red and blue one to me?