04 May 2008


Okay first things first...this card I made for Taylor's Cupcake Sketch Challenge #14. I love this sketch! It was so fun to put it all together. I'm going to add this sketch to my book for permanent ones that I go to again and again. Did I mention I loved it? LOL!

Anyway, I went through a bunch of my smaller stamps to see if I could find some that worked together and I was fretting that I wouldn't find anything I liked to use together. Then I remembered that my Hanna Stamps had some smaller images on them so I pulled those out of their case and found the perfect ones!

I must admit, the color choices were based on the American Craft flowers that I wanted to use so I went through my SU! cardstock until I found the perfect ones. :) THEN I found out that the fifty cent roll of ribbon I tossed into my cart at Michael's (because it was fifty cents after all!) matched the cardstock perfectly. Oh my! AND THEN I remembered that I found some little bling stick-on rhinestones at Wal*Mart and THEY turned out to be the perfect color, too. I'm tellin' ya. The stars are aligned for me today with this card. LOL!


Stamps: Hanna Stamps But I Need It!, and a little sentiment that I can't remember where it came from and there aren't any markings on the sheet. :(

CS and papers: All CS is from SU! with the exception of my beloved Georgia Pacific white CS.

Ink: Brilliance Graphite Black

Accessories: Cuttlebug and my Swiss dots embossing folder and my Cuttlebug Tiny Tags die, Nestabilities, ribbon from Michael's, my Perfect Layers, American Crafts paper flowers, rhinestone brad to attach the flowers, and my fancy bling dots from Wal*Mart.

Whew! What a fun weekend I've had with papercrafting and cardmaking! My husband was away on the boat all weekend so I had lots of (mostly) uninterrupted time for myself. I sometimes like these kinds of weekends.

So to celebrate my fabulous weekend, I'm going to offer up some blog candy. Up for grabs is:

1 Cuttlebug embossing folder-Swiss Dots. (Oh my, I know! I found a site with them so I ordered one for my friend, one for me and one for blog candy!)

1 Corner rounder punch-yes, I did use it a few times but it is still in perfect order.

1 package of Target Dollar spot stick-on pearls.

5 sets of the Studio G clear stamps from Michael's.

2 Sakura pens--duplicates I had!

1 roll of cupcake ribbon

1 roll of sticky striped ribbon

A selection of stamped images (not shown)

Now here are the deets for your entry to be valid. I'm a new stamper/cardmaker. So I can use all the help I can get. What I would like for you to do is to give me your best stamping tip. Can be anything at all! I'll draw for the winner on random.org on Thursday at midnight so check back to see if you've won! (If the winner does not contact me within three days, an alternate winner will be chosen.) And yes, I will ship internationally. :)

Spread the word! If you link to this post and let me know in your comment, you'll get a second entry!


Hysteri-CAL said...

My tip is ... enjoy what you do .. it shows if you don't ! xx

Cindy said...

My only tip, being a newby myself, is to take the extra few seconds to double check yourself before you cut, stamp, emboss, glue, or whatever. A quick double take can save lots of time and money.

Great card and awesome, totally cool candy!!

Sue at StampnDaly said...

Let's see a tip...Be organized so you know what supplies you have.

I'll leave a post on my site for you.

Mary Dawn said...

i linked ya baby!

my tip: uhm, find a reaaaaaaaaaally great enabler! (hee)

Nancy said...

My tip is the same as Sue's....make sure your stamping supplies are organized. I can't believe how much more productive I am since I cleaned/organized my stamping supplies/space.
I absolutely love this card! Love all the bling...fabulous.

Brenda said...

Hi there, first time visiting your blog, love it! I'm with nancy and sue... you gotta be organized, you will get so much more stamping done!

Oh... and i'm so jealous, a weekend to yourself... I haven't had one of those forever! Hope your weekend was fabulous!

Your card is very cute, love the images and colors, great job!

I am also posting a link in my blog!

Lori Barnett said...

Just found your blog through SCS forum. I LOVE that dots embossing folder! I see tons of people using it on cards and wondered what it was...where it was from...you know!! I SO WANT THAT!

As far as a tip...DO NOT...I repeat...DO NOT turn on a ceiling fan in a paper-crafting room! NOT A GOOD THING!!

Cat said...

stampndaly sent me over here with her link :) LOVE your cuppy cake blog, and your Bella cards are beautiful!

i don't have any great tips, other than - don't spend too much :) seriously, it's easy to buy lots when you're new. stick with the basics, and coordinate your papers and inks.

Taylor said...

What a cute card! And what an honor for the sketch to go into your permanent book! :) Thanks for playing the challenge!

daiseyfreak said...

My best tip is to save your SU trimmings after cutting out your stamp sets to use as mounting pieces, saves money on buying thos pop up dots! thanks for the opportunity!

Nettie said...

My favorite tip to give to newbies is to stamp the inside verse of the card first. If you screw it up just flip it inside out, layer a piece of cardstock on it and you have a second chance.

I found your blog through my daughters blog Jennifer. Real nice stuff, you look like much more then a beginner. I am going to add you to my blog roll AND also notify Allison who will post you as a new blog to her site that gets mega traffic.

Thanks for a chance to win SWISS DOTS.... I have been dieing to get that folder, so pick me HAHA


Heather said...

My stamping advice is...If you are stuck, put your project down and come back later. A fresh look at something does wonders. My second bit of advice is measure twice, cut once. :)

Pam's Pride said...

My tip would be to use an embossing buddy before embossing! It helps with stray dustings and fingerprints.

Allison said...

My tip is buy good tools. It may be cheaper to buy a paper cutter, scissors, punches, etc. that "will do" but you will produce better work in a more timely fashion with the right stuff!

Karen said...

Great card and colors!!

My tip is for inking large stamps (ie: background stamps) - to get even coverage...brayer the ink on the stamp. Then keeping your stamp this way (with the rubber portion up), lay your cardstock on top and rub (or use a clean brayer to get an even stamped image). Your creations don't look like they are from a newbie - they're awesome!!

Savor the Journey * TexasGrammy said...

What an adorable card!! I love the bling you've added to these images!

Tip for beginning? Here's a basic: Always be sure your ink pads are juicy & well-inked, plus be sure your cutter cuts clean, crisp edges ... no fuzzies!


Anonymous said...

My tip would be organize organize..organize. It helps so much to know where things are and not have to spend all your play time searching for what you need. Thanks so much for the chance to win.


AnnMarie said...

Hey Jennifer! Great card! My tip to you would be to be brave! Just go for it when you are creating! Be bold and do not be afraid to make mistakes! : )

Anonymous said...

My tip would be: whenever you have an idea, if you cannot immediately act on it, WRITE IT DOWN. When you have a lot of ideas all the time, many get lost if not written where you can find them.


Krystinah said...

Hi Jennifer...Love your card....First time checking out your blog...Great Stuff...I really need the swiss dots...What website did you find it at..I cant find that...
I would say the best tips I use are one I emboss with clear embossing powder almost all images that need to be colored because it's easier to stay in the lines...second when cutting with an exacto knife cut on class and it just slides across so smoothly which helped me a whole lot...Great job with your cards keep up the good work and aloha from Hawaii.....Kristina

Richelle said...

I love your cupcake challenge card...so girly!

Anonymous said...

Tip..If you don;t like the finishe product set it aside, often when you get back to it the next day you see it in a different light and it looks wonderful. (sometimes I do add a thing or two to complete or change up a project that I didn't like) all too often the "I don't like this one" becomes something that you love in the end.

I love the new studio G stamps that I'm seeing. Michael's Canada hasn't got them yet last i'm I looked and I'm so wanting them. Thanks for some wonderful eye candy and a chance to win them.

jill_b said...

Beautiful card Jennifer! I found you through your BFF Mary Dawn!!! Yay!!!

My tip would be - when you are done using an ink pad...put the lid back on!!! Sounds like a normal thing to do, but I have ruined many of cards because I left my lid off and then accidenty set down or swiped my card over the open ink pad.... really stinks. I make a point now after so many "oopsies" to put my lids on. And one more - have fun and don't be afraid to experiment with colors that people think "might no go together" - like Chili Pepper Red and Eggshell Blue!!!! Have Fun!!!! {jill b}

Bunny B said...

I'm a noob too :P So far, I find that as long as I organize my things and know plan ahead what I want, the card will turn out fine. Cute card you made! Woot!!

Bunny B said...

Oh, and I linked you HERE for a 2nd entry! Thank you so much :)

Shannon Roberts said...

I LUV your card! And well I am a tad jealous of you being able to stamp for an entire weekend! LOL!!!

I luv your blog & oh my do I luv the candy you have to offer; oh my awesome!!!!!!

Ok, so my tip is don't be a collector! Use what you purchase, you bought it for a reason, & whom ever you create fro will luv it!! And that is a much better feeling than knowing you have that 12 x 12 piece of DP sitting in the drawer; make sense??

Thanks for the opportunity & welcome to the crazy hobby!!!!

Shell said...

My tip for you, remember when you are making more than one card to do them all together. Stamp all the images at the same time, cut all pieces at the same time, don't do one card at a time. WAY to slow then.
Love you blog, will put a link to the blog candy on my site.


Helen said...

Gorgeous card - love the bling! My tip is that there are no mistakes - only opportunities for further embellishment!

Anonymous said...

awesome candy! my tip, never drink coffee at your work station!!!!!!!!

Stampin Cats said...

Love the blog. I am so into cupcakes right now. Not sure why.....maybe because I'm on a diet and I shouldn't eat them. Anyway, great cards.

My tip, If you can't think of a card layout or having trouble coming up with inspiration, check the gallery. Some of these ladies are so talented.

I'm am so linking to your blog.

Lizette said...

My tip ... I always wear black pants when stamping, that way when I drop something on my pants (like an ink pad, don't laugh it happened ! LOL) nobody will ever know ! Also, I have my embossing powders in their own little plastic dishes (with lids), much easier to pour the extra powder into a dish than it is to pour it back into the little bottle it came in.
I'm glad I came by today, I sure have learned quite a few great tips !
Have a great day,
P.S. I've put a link to your blog on mine.

Stephanie said...

do the challenges at scs and everyones blogs, it really helps with the mojo!

Alison said...

One of my favorite stamping tools is my embossing buddy (that little pillow-type thingy filled with powder). It works great for keeping stray bits of embossing powder off of your cards, but it's also great when working with glitter, heat & stick powder and PearlEx. You can also un-sticky the backs of stickers with it.

Lauren said...

Beautiful cards, Jennifer! As for the comment, it seems that I'm growing out of my stamping area, and one thing I've found extremely helpful, is to keep all of my scraps in an accordian folder by color. Then for those little pieces you're looking for, you don't have to chop into a fresh new piece of cardstock or printed paper. Not necessarily a stamping tip in particular, but useful, nonetheless!

Debra E said...

Here's mt tip: Use what you buy. Don't save cool papers and embellishments for something special. Use them to MAKE a card special! Things do no good sitting around until they go out of style.

Lindsay said...

My tip is if you get into a rut, go look at other peoples work, keep a note pad and write down elements that you like of others cards and then keep that note book by your bed so that when you have a dream of an idea you can write it down!!!

Jess said...

my tip would be to try challenges (either from splitcoast or other stampers...) they really help you to expand your idea box

scfranson said...

Wonderful blog ! My best stamping tip is to use disposable paint edging pads as stamp scrubbers. The are cheap, easy to use, do a great job and you can throw them away when they are gross. Any hardware or home improvement store has them.

denise said...

ORGANIZE! But then move on.... don't spend your time reorganizing. Ladies are good at that! Pick one stamp set to work with for awhile.... make several styles of cards with it. I find the more I work with a set the better I get at it.

Your blog is fun and full of great eye candy... thanks for sharing.

Denise G

Annelies said...

I'm only stamping for a couple of months, and what I like is challenge blogs. It makes me use new colourcombo's, new stampingtechniques, new stamps, etc.
Greetings from sunny Belgium, Annelies

Primitive Seasons said...

My tip is don't feel that you have to have "everything" to get started. Just get some basics....ink, paper, stamps and build on with tools, embellishments, etc. No one has everything and your stash will grow before you know it.


Darlene L said...

I can't believe you are a beginning stamper. Your work is great.

My tip is for those very large background stamps. I lay them down on my table, ink them with a brayer for even coverage, lay the cardstock down on the rubberstamp, place a sheet of copy paper (recycled of course) and use brayer. You will get full and even coverage that way.

Thanks for the blog candy opp. I have so wanted that dotted swiss folder.

Darlene L

~Michelle~ said...

I have no big tips. I try to stamp something every day....I think the more you stamp, the more you become comfortable creating!
Above all....HAVE FUN!!!

mustangsarah said...

I just found your blog.Looks amazing.
As all the ones before me said, just be organized.
If I am doing a sketch,I look at the sketch first and then go pick out my papers that I think will work good with the sketch.Then pick out my embellies and go from there.Seldom , do I have to chose different papers.
Wonderful blog candy!!

Janet Bagnall said...


Being a new stamper/cardmaker myself, I find that the best advice I can give at this time is to have a great time doing it. I know I have been.

Thank you for the opportunity to win such a great gift.


Patty W said...

I'm a newbie too , so not big on advice, but I will say, if you've completed something and aren't happy with it...walk away from it for a while before you decide to trash it! Often times , it looks much better than you think...and if I still don't like it... I give it to the kids to use!

Thanks for the chance!

MelissaS said...

Nice blog! I've just been stamping seriously for a year or so, but my best tip is to buy dp in pairs, at least. That way, you always have a coordinating piece. And never underestimate the power of scraps! I have a ton, but use them :) Thanks for sharing :)

Jen Glover said...

What a cute card and a fabulous blog! I'll be back! I am pretty new stamping to, but my best advice is that if you find a stamp you like- GET IT! Because if you don't, you will always wish you had! *giggle* Thanks for the entry! Happy Monday!

Linda said...

What a neat card!!
I use old cd's when I watercolor my cards with Stampin Up markers.
I just color a patch on it and then use my blender pen.
Linda Peterson

sandyh50 said...

My tip is to buy a cropadile to set those eyelets. My old eyelet setter is going to my daughter until her birthday comes and then I'll buy one for her!


LaY hOoN said...

Thanks for offering such great sweet candy.
thank you again.

Danyelle Kessler said...

No entry please, just wanted to say, hello and that I love the sketch. Really soft and pretty colors.

Andrea, said...

Gorgeous card, I love the stamps and the colours you have used and all that bling if fab

Diane said...

My tip to you is to try and organize as much as possible,I find I tend to forget what I have if it's not placed properly.Also,try to clean up after you finished stamping,don't do like me,lol,I wait til it's a mess and I can't find my desk before I clean.
Thanks for the chance at the wonderful candy...I love that CB embosser...I need it,lol!!!

Allison Lee said...

Hi There! My tips are: GLITTER GLITTER GLITTER and
take out door photos on an overcast if possible. Also use your zoom feature for no distorted edges. The cards come out looking a million times better.

Congrats on your site! And thanks for the chance to win!

malieta said...

I'm not sure if my first comment made it through , scratch this comment if it did.
Your card is lovely and I love the bling! Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your kind comment.
My tip for the day is....try to avoid talking on the phone while making a card.

2 Worlds said...

Thanks for comment on my blog
My tip be sure you are going to use something before you buy it

Gayle said...

My tip...be ABSOLUTELY sure about it, before you glue anything down!!! I wish someone had told me that at the get-go!!
You look like you're doing really well without any help though!!!

My Paper World said...

You got to stamp for a WHOLE weekend! That sounds great!
I try to make a card everyday, that's my tip, It keeps my creative juices flowing!
Thanks for a chance, the candy looks great!
Nicola xx

Amanda Sewell said...

My tip is, FOR SPONGING EDGES, instead of paying $3 or more for 3 round sponges at the arts and crafts supply store, go to your dollar store and see if you can find the same yellow sponge. They work just as well, only cost a buck and you can cut them up just the same as you would the more expensive ones. Then you can pitch them in the trash and not feel bad because they were so so SO cheap!

I really like your blog. I am a cupcake baking kinda gal too -- hope you will check out my blog when you have some time!!! Glad Hanna Stamps worked for you!!!

Veronica said...

My tip is keep a box of unscented baby wipes on your desk to help keep eveything neat and clean. I use them everyday! Thank you for the blog candy!

Sarah Gough said...

Wow! What amazing blog candy!

My best tip (other than hiding your credit card statement from your significant other!) is if your project doesn't look quite "done" (happens to me alllll the time) hit it with some sparkle, scallops and white gel pen accents - works everytime!

Priscilla said...

Hi! Thanks for the opportunity to win this blog candy! My tip is when making cards for others, make sure to make one for yourself as well in case you want to duplicate it in the future. :o)

Ceal said...

thanks for offering the candy...my Tip is save your scraps by colors they come in handy when making cards when you only need a small peice of CS. also I always ask my hubby for his opinion on the card.

Dawn said...

Whoa! That's some awesome blog candy! Would love it! Hmm.. my tip would be to try some challenges on SCS. They are great starting points and get the juices flowing.

Stampin Cats said...

My second tip(and entry): Be organized. Everything has a place and should go back where it belongs when done. I can't tell you how many things I have lost because I didn't put it back where it belongs.

Anita said...

Two tips: (1) make sure you have a clean work space otherwise it gets too cluttered and it's hard to be creative; (2) store your stamp pads upside down to the ink stays at the top of your ink pad.

I love the candy you're offering - you went way overboard but I'll accept it if I win!


Alyssa said...

Great blog! My tip: got to http://www.ucutathome.com You can sign up for a 40% off VIP coupon for no cost. So when you find the enabler that makes you really want those nestabilities, you pay a lot, lot less for them! Thanks for the chance at some fun, fun candy! :)

Basement Stamper said...

My tip is to make sure to keep all your ink pads inked up good and the best tip I've had as a new stamper is on solid images, make sure to clean them before stamping with them to avoid blotchiness (I use Staz-on cleaner, rub it on the stamp, wipe it off, then clean it as your normally would).