21 November 2008

Yaaay! New stamps!

One of my favorite things!! hehe! I was sooo excited to get my mail today with my new Sarah Kay Christmas stamps! Woo Hoo is what I think I said when I saw from where the package had come! I came in, and put them on my computer desk...went into my crafting room and LOST THEM...somewhere between here and there. So frustrating! I spent at least 15 minutes searching for them. I found them, of course...they were laying on the bed that I have in the craft room. Ugh. So dumb.

Anyway, I finally got to play with it a bit. I didn't notice until I took the photograph that the yellow on the package had bled onto the blue. I'll be fixin' that! Don't you HATE that? I sure do!

What I used: Sarah Kay Christmas stamp, Bazzill CS, SU CS, DCWV notecard, M&MBI PP, Cuttlebug, Nestabilities...you know the regular stuff. hehe

Thanks for stopping by today! I'm working 6am 'til 3. Oof that makes me sooo stabby! hee!

Later, y'all!


Jan Scholl said...

this is a little girl stamp image? isn't she kinda slutty with that top ribbon thing? Cover her up!

okay, gotta go look at Lil C's to see what I can't afford until the damned check comes.

mochamama said...

Sweet card Jennifer. I love this stamp but I am on a no-stamping-shopping-diet right now! And am I hungry??? Starving hehehehe

Mary Dawn said...

i could die at the cuteness! LOVE

Cindy Haffner said...

Oh so cute, awesome job.

Catherine said...

oh i just love SK stamps and this is just too cute. I didn't even notice one of the package but yes i hate when that happens :)

Maria said...

Hey, I bought that stamp too! Yay! Your card turned out really cute! Love how you split her in half! LOL! Great job coloring the image. . .I can't tell that the color bled. Actually, I sometimes color with the Copic and over color and it bleeds but I color over it again to sort of blend it.

I lose my stuff all the time. I'll have it in my hand and the next second, it's gone. I think there's a troll in my craft room messing with my mind. His evil intent is to drive me crazy!LOL!


Karin said...

Gorgeous card Jennifer.
The nes SK is so cute and i love the pretty papers you've used.

Thanks you for the great prints you did send me.
We ( the girls and I) love them and I can't wait to use them.
your prints should arrive in a few days.

Have a nice Sunday,
xoxo Karin