30 November 2008

Rak-ey RAK-ity RAK from Allison!

Allison from Stampin' When I Can surprised me this week with a FABULOUS stamp! So, I may have mentioned to y'all once or 70 million times that I love hockey. And well, so like...well...I'll just let you see what she sent:

Isn't it fabulous?! Isn't that a cute card? She used one of those ugly monsters that I find so disturbing on it...and the sentiment? PERFECT for me because I am soo not a people person #1 and #2 when I have to go to work at 6am and deal with whiny people at the drug dealership, I just want to bang my head in the floor until I'm unconscious. Laughing 17

Thank you, Allison, for the great RAK! Real women DO love hockey! hehe!


De said...

I love your attitude. And your card! What a great RAK too!

Jan Scholl said...

Mine would have said "not a person".

So why did I get butterflies and diamonds? I have garlic hanging around my neck today to keep the morons away.

mtfalco said...

woohoo, love that stamp! San Jose sharks fan here! =)

Catherine said...

what a great RAK :)

Dawn Easton said...

GET out! LOL! Wonder where Allison found that stamp...I sooooooooo want one! haha!

That card is so cute too!