16 November 2008

Sunday project..

well, truthfully I've been working on it a bit here and there...trying to think of how to make this piece of wall art for my friend Tracy. I finished it today. She asked me to make her a wall art using this Rubber Romance stamp and the colors should be red, brown, turquoise, blues, greens, oranges. Well geez, those colors are awesome so sure, right? hehe I made two actually...the other is a bit different but still the same concept.

I hope she likes it! :D Oh and when you read this, Tracy...just so you know, the frame doesn't come because this is my frame for my princess' picture so you'll have to find one that is your style.

Happy Sunday, y'all!


Tracy said...


I LOVE IT!!!!!

You are amazing!!!

What size frames do I need to get?? I will go shopping tomorrow!!!!!!

Thank you so much!!!!!!

Dawn Easton said...

Oh this is awesome Jennifer!!!

J. said...

Shaddup. I'm jealous. :D

De said...

I think Tracy likes it. LOL. Its goorrggeeoouusss!

Theresa said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!!

Maria said...

Sucn an awesome girlfriend wall art. I love the image!!Rubber romance has such awesome diva images! Makes me wanna have a bubble bath! LOL!


dannette said...

Totally cute!
Hugs, Dannette