07 March 2008

So here is the scoop...

For some reason my camera is acting all weird and every time I take a picture, it looks like it has saved and then when I plug the card into the card reader, only one photo appears. Argh!

So anyway, here is all I have to show right now due to technical issues beyond my control. DH is away on the boat this weekend so I'll have to wait for him to fix it for fear that I break something on the camera and then...wow! would I be in hot water! (Okay, not really but still, I'd feel bad for breaking it.)

Look ma! No patterned paper! hehe I love patterned paper and I'd like to use more of it because I'm slightly over the top in tackiness but anyway, I digress. I did use my cuttlebug to emboss some swirlies on that green paper. The image is from House Mouse. I received it in a Wish-RAK and I just love him! I love green and purple together (see above for me being slightly on the gaudy side.) But I figured I needed a little something else, so I took some black textured Bazzill paper and cut it out with my Cuttlebug with my Nestabilities and then took a white gel pen to make a wee dot in the scallop.

Anyway, I have more to share as soon as the camera cooperates with me. I have some from Gina K. stamps and a few more Hanna stamps, too. Oh and some other stamps that I bought that I haven't even opened the package in which they came yet!

And speaking of my love earlier of the House Mouse image, have y'all seen the Gruffies? Oh Em Gee! I PPH (PPH=pink puffy heart) them! I asked DH if I could buy them all and he asked how much...gah. Foiled again! LOL

'Til next time...thanks for stopping by!

Oh yeah, I have a blog here, too.

Heh. I'm trying to keep up with two blogs and truthfully keeping up with one blog is enough. But, I like to post on here when I've made a thingy. (Thingy is a technical term. LOL)

So anyway, I've started a new job outside the home and it has been kicking my tail to get anything done creatively. I mean, I have made some creative things in my spare time, but they had me working 40 hours this week which totally has thrown me off my schedule and not to mention the schedule of my furchildren! And yes, while I have been creative lately, I've just not found the time to actually make posts about it. Choosing instead to be lazy and watch television rather than posting on my blog.

So anyway, I just wanted everyone to know that I am still here! I'm not like a passing ship in the night...I'll be back later after I finish with dinner and take photographs of my things and then upload them and photoshop them and blah de blah.

Stay tuned! :)